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Tucker on X: Bill O’Reilly is NOT doing it live

(Photo by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP, File)

So, dear reader, this is definitely an interesting interview. This author was a fan of Bill O’Reilly’s show for years, and even when we disagreed with him, we always respected his views and found him interesting to watch. Also, he has something in common with Carlson: They both were more or less fired by Fox News despite dominating their time slots (the same slot, in fact). So, to see both of them sit down and to talk even about O’Reilly’s experience being fired was something we looked forward to. First, we will give you the time stamps:


The cut off time stamps are:

(28:31) The Left’s mission to destroy Trump

(32:45) Our open Southern border

(36:24) Why is Trump so hated?

(37:08) O’Reilly isn’t ready to retire

(42:55) Winners and losers in the media

As you might’ve noticed, Carlson does ask about the infamous ‘We’ll do it live’ clip and, well, Carlson airs an uncensored version of it, so there is a language warning with this interview. O’Reilly doesn’t curse during the interview, but the old clip has a few f-bombs in it.

Overall, we found it to be a really fascinating interview and he broke some genuine news. We won’t hit everything he said, but at one point he revealed for the first time was that he worked with Donald Trump when he was president on the border issue. As you might remember, O’Reilly has always been a ‘border hawk.' Apparently when he was president, Trump would call him and pick his brains. O’Reilly suggested designating the cartels as essentially an enemy of the United States and more or less suggested using the same drone war strategy we had been using on Islamofascist terrorists for years under Obama. Basically, Trump would engage in extrajudicial killings of foreigners on foreign soil, that soil being primarily in Mexico. And he talked about how Trump instead parlayed the threat he would do that into a deal with Mexico to actually get better control of the situation at our border.


And he provided his insight into Trump. Trump is not an ideologue to O’Reilly. Everything is a deal for him. That’s how he controls situations, he makes deals. Since there is a good chance Trump will be president again, that’s a useful insight to have.

Also, he thinks Trump has something on Putin that kept him in check, but he has no idea what it is. Which is quite a reversal from what Democrats usually say about their relationship.

We wonder, on the other hand, if O’Reilly is wrong about that. Trump has verified that he threatened Putin. He told Putin that if Putin invaded Ukraine, he would bomb Moscow. Liberals freak out when they hear that, saying ‘but that would start World War III!’ What they don’t get is that it might have been nothing more than a threat, and by threatening it, Trump might have successfully kept Putin out of Ukraine. He didn’t stay out of Ukraine when Obama was president. He didn’t stay out when Biden was president. But when Trump was president, he stayed out of Ukraine, and maybe that is why: Putin was afraid that if he invaded, it would set off a cascade of events that would lead to World War III. Brinkmanship for the 21st century.

Really, if you are wondering if you should listen, we think it’s worth it. They discuss many interesting topics and you get O’Reilly’s unique perspective on many topics. Agree or disagree, it is interesting.

Some reactions:


The rest of the post reads:

And of course no mention of what led to Bill getting pushed out, an NYT story revealing he had paid tens of millions in settlements for sexual harassment.

As we have said before, Carlson is pretty soft as an interviewer on this show. There is value in that—if no one would talk to O’Reilly without grilling him on the sexual harassment allegations, then we might not have heard his perspective on anything tonight. But we think in other cases, Carlson needs to push back more. 

Very interesting.


Yes, O’Reilly provides a very fascinating perspective on the Constitution, too, connecting the Salem Witch Trials to the constitutional debates and how we are currently living in a time where one of the worst aspects of these trials is being repeated: The belief that if you are accused, that you are automatically guilty.

We believe we can do that as a premium (blue check) user. But we haven’t tried it, yet.

The other guy cared enough to say he doesn’t care. Which suggests he cares.

That is … actually pretty sensible as perspectives go.

And someone connected both O’Reilly’s actual ‘we’ll do it live’ video with Carlson making fun in a candid moment:

And here’s the longer version of that infamous clip:


While we have always been amused by the clip, we never thought badly about O’Reilly over it. We didn’t know what happened before the cameras started rolling and we don’t think all anger is inherently unjustified.

Of course, engagement like this might help Carlson with revenue sharing.

Please note, that is a Gabbard parody account.

Finally, last time we said

We will level with you, dear reader. The last time we talked about Tucker on X/Twitter, we saw so little interest, we weren’t sure if it was worth covering every episode. We thought maybe we wouldn’t do any more of these stories unless the subject was a big deal or otherwise interesting. ...

Finally, let us know what you think: Should we still cover every episode of Tucker on X/Twitter? Or should we reserve our coverage for uniquely interesting episodes like this one? Sound off in the comments and that feedback, combined with how many actual clicks we get, will probably determine how we cover things.

So far, the commenters seem to mostly want to see coverage of every episode and for now we are inclined to continue. It might make sense to make the less explosive episodes VIP only, but while the more interesting ones would be regular posts. But we will see how it goes.


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