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BREAKING: Read the letter from Burisma and Hunter Biden to the Ukrainian prosecutor

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Via the House Ways and Means Committee and Kyle Becker, we have a letter from Burisma—including Hunter Biden—to the prosecutors investigating them:


Please note that Becker has the pages backwards. Here they are in order and enlarged:

He provides a link and some analysis:

One would certainly ask why Hunter Biden would be signing this letter and it seems like the implicit threat is: We took out the last prosecutor. Don’t cross us.

We have said for a while that we have reached the point where we know what was happening, every person who is not naïve knows what was happening, but we cannot absolutely prove it. This was bribery. They would pay Hunter Biden and Joe Biden would get a percentage. In return, they would ask Hunter Biden to get his father to do things, and Hunter would do that. We doubt the conversation was ever as explicit as ‘Dad, I need you to get this prosecutor fired, or Burisma will stop paying us.’ Maybe it was just that Hunter would pay his dad regularly, and just ask his father to do certain things as a public official, and his dad would just do it. Hunter might not say it was in exchange for all the money he was getting. And the people bribing him might not even say it explicitly. Joe Biden might just know if he didn't do these things, the money would stop. We might have trouble proving this arrangement, but everyone who didn’t just fall off the turnip truck knows this is what was going on.


By the way, the law of bribery doesn’t require the government to prove an explicit agreement. And bribery is one of only two crimes explicitly listed as a justification for presidential impeachment. Any claim there is no evidence of bribery or there is no justification even for an impeachment inquiry is a lie. Any person saying it is not being an honest broker.

The last line reads: ‘This is as damning as anything we’ve heard so far:’


Sure, that’s it, Never Trumper. It wasn’t that they got one guy doing an investigation of Burisma fired and then implicitly threatened the next one that they could get him fired, too.

We disagree. This is quite believable.

Well, sure, and don’t go into business with a crackhead because he is bound to do something really stupid like leave a laptop full of evidence at a repair shop.

You know, hypothetically speaking. No real life examples of this comes to mind.

Heh. We only know a bit of legal Latin and we are not sure.



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