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Depravity: Berlin hands out books normalizing prostitution to children (and it gets worse)

Screencap from children's book 'Rosi Sucht Geld' (Rosie Needs Money)/fair use

Apparently, Germany saw what was going on in American schools and said, ‘hold our Hefeweizen!

(We are told that is a culturally appropriate riff on the ‘hold my beer’ trope, but we wouldn’t actually know.)


Cultural jokes of questionable accuracy aide, the problem started with the fact that prostitution has been legal in Germany since the early 2000s. This has led to pressure on women to work in such jobs …

… and now it has led to a horrifying attempt to normalize this 'profession' for children. This was reported by Rebel News … 

… which says:

The city of Berlin is being scorched by locals after it offered children a graphic picture book on prostitution via its official website. The book, titled, 'Rosie Needs Money,' (Rosi sucht Geld) was advertised toward youth aged 6 to 12.

Equal Opportunities Officer Kerstin Drobick stated that the book was aimed toward explaining prostitution to children of families who reside in the red-light district of Berlin, Reduxx reports.

‘In the years in which the Tiergarten Süd and Schöneberger Norden neighborhood management offices dealt with the issue of street prostitution and also had many conversations with residents, this was one of the topics: What do I say to the child? The Tiergarten Süd district management has faced this courageously,’ Dobrick said, in an attempt to defend the book.

‘An order was placed for a children’s book that tried to explain to the children what was happening there. Interestingly, extensive research has shown that educational books for children aged 10 and over avoid this explanation.’


That’s a lot of yikes for one article, and we aren’t done yet. Look, we get that if a hooker has a child, mom is going to have to say something to explain why she is doing that, but here’s a thought: Maybe let the mother sort this out, rather than have the government endorse prostitution to children.

Further, as far as the problem of seeing hookers on the street and how people can explain that to their kids, here's a thought: don't have them on the street. Assuming we can't persuade Germany to ban prostitution again, how about you pass whatever laws are needed to say that they have to keep this stuff behind closed doors? Let them attract their customers with relatively un-salacious signs.

The person who really blew the lid off of this, at least in English, is Donna Krasniqi, whose profile says ‘feminist | abolitionist | surrogacy is human traficking [sic] | selfID contradicts womens [sic] rights.’ Now, dear reader, we have to keep this relatively family friendly—as that term is defined by people who aren’t complete lunatics. So, we won’t be showing you entirety of the images that Ms. Krasniqi showed the world. We will say we have verified pretty much everything she is saying about this book, and we will note that many of the pictures have that quality that tells you only a child would draw it. Which is all the more horrifying because it is something we have to censor. So, here are the screenshots, cut off before things get too graphic.


Her first post was a quote tweet of the start of a German Twitter/X user. He had an entire thread but we are not sure on the translations. Here’s what Google said he said:

We are a very enlightened society - we should have the right answers for our children. A children's book that is freely available for download on this page explains how the topic of ‘sex work’ works (scroll a bit):

The book is called ‘Rosi is looking for money’ and is about a Bulgarian street prostitute. And - hey - it's not bad, kids! This is all completely normal.

It's just ‘education on sexual issues’. So another building block in how we gloss over and trivialize our free spirit. Just for the little ones.

You write that the book was created together with children.

Recognizing that Google translate only takes us so far, we strongly suspect that there is a certain amount of sarcasm these tweets (‘And - hey - it's not bad, kids! This is all completely normal.’)—and you have to think translation programs would have a hard time coping with sarcasm. We also can’t help but notice that the Twitter/X name ‘Jan K. Rohling’ seems to be a take-off on J.K. Rowling and his (translated) bio indicates that he rejects transgender ideology. On the other hand, a friend we respect who knows a little German thinks he is being serious, that he is explaining how things are to us uptight Americans or something. So, we don’t know what to think. Our ‘gut’ contradicts our friend’s analysis.


And, of course, if he is not being sarcastic, can someone do a hard drive check on Rohling?

We also visited the link for the website that he provided and we ran that through translation and … we couldn’t see any obvious link to any book. But we did see this, via translation: ‘The website is currently being revised.’ Meanwhile, Ms. Krasniqi provided an archived link. We found where, in a normal page, one could download a pdf next to the words ‘Kinderbuch Rosi sucht Geld,’ which Google tells us translates to ‘Children's book Rosi is looking for money.’ We tried to click on the link to download, but that didn’t seem to work. But it gave us the file name: ‘rosi_sucht_geld.pdf’ and when we Googled that, we found it on the same government website. So apparently the pdf has been hidden, but it is still on their server. Having obtained a copy of this thing, we went page by page, seeing what the heck it was saying, according to Google. Some choice quotes:

‘Okay, Martin. When I look out the window at home, I see I also the square and women like Rosi on the street. You are looking Money, my mom always says. But they don't seem to have much money to find. Your clothes are not enough. Breasts and legs must freeze in winter.’

What the heck did we just read? They go on to say that what Rosi does is just work like the people who wait tables at a restaurant and then we get this:


But today we decided to finally see Rosi ask what she does with men. Actually, we know it already. They give her money and want to make love. ‘But is Is that 'love'?’ I ask Martin.

‘It’s different from mom and dad. Mom makes love Dad, but Rosi's men don't make love, they make sex like on TV.’

What the hell is on German TV? Then these child characters wonder how you can separate love and sex and decide to ask Rosi. This is her answer:

‘You want to know what this has to do with love and sex? What do you believe it? Everyone acts as if love and sex are always that is the same. Men say this at my house and at theirs Women. But sometimes love is gone. Or the sex. For this reason my customers just want to talk to me and give me money for that too.’

‘What can I tell you? Most of the time it's like this: the men want to put their penis in my vagina. A few times in and out a few times - and you're done. There’s nothing more to it than that.’

After Rosi quits being a hooker and then later comes back to visit, the narrator (one of the kids) says this:

And we now know:

When Rosi works on the street, she is a prostitute.

The men she gets into the car with are called johns. Otherwise they are fathers, neighbors or colleagues. A street prostitute [red light district? –ed.] is where there are many prostitutes.

Then they get pretty explicit about what condoms are for. And after that you get pages filled with text which reads like an explanation about what this book is about:


A ‘community book’ by small and large people for children aged 6 to 12

And frankly the book involves many pictures that look like children drew them. Like a happy condom. Like unskilled drawings of streetwalkers. Indeed, the image at the top of this page is one of the tamer images from the book and it is still all kinds of cringe. Seriously, look at it, dear reader. It shows one couple with a heart between them and the second with a dollar sign between them.

The author then tells us how she was inspired to create a children’s book about hookers. Apparently, the author was teacher at a ‘primary school’ and she says she saw kids writing the word sex on the board and … 

So I ‘forced’ everyone to paint a ‘sex picture’ to show me to show that they know what this word means.

With one exception... (the ‘wildest’ boy in particular didn't dare to do it because of his father) all the children got started with enthusiasm. However, I had to promise them not to show the pictures to their parents or teachers. to do this, I actually avoided it, and so the pictures I took that day remained in the drawer of my graphics cabinet for ten years.

So … grooming … great. If there was nothing wrong with what she was doing, why was she trying to hide it?

All in all, a pretty horrifying situation. We think we are going to take a shower, now.


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