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Mayo Clinic: Sometimes Hydroxychloroquine works on Covid, after all

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Well, this is something:

Before you ask, we checked. We found the site they are referring to and it says exactly what is pictured. It says:


Hydroxychloroquine may also be used to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) in certain hospitalized patients. …

Hydroxychloroquine should only be used for COVID-19 in a hospital or during clinical trials. Do not take any medicine that contains hydroxychloroquine unless prescribed by your doctor.

Now, there are tons of warnings on that website that we are not quoting, and you would be foolish to take this drug without talking to your doctor, first, and without obeying his or her instructions to the letter, reading the warnings, etc. But we’re old enough to remember back when people claimed this drug never helped with the Wuhan Flu and now the Mayo Clinic is singing a different tune.

Mr. Navarro linked to the Mayo Clinic web page in question.


The cut off text is simply a link to the Mayo Clinic website.

Please don’t insert curse words. It makes it harder for us to us your Twitter/X post on Twitchy!


We have seen this claim that there had to be no treatment alternatives, but we have not found the regulation that says that. But considering how vast the Code of Federal Regulations is, it is very possible that the regulations are there and we just can’t find it.

That being said, even if it is not spelled out in the regulations, it is logically easier to justify an emergency use of a vaccine if there is no effective treatment. Emergency measures are easier to justify if you have no alternatives.

The full text reads—with the caveat that we have no way of verifying if he is telling the truth:

PSA: Inconvenient truth.

In early March of 2020 I got covid. I could not breathe. My doctor in France (ex-pat Boston U MD) told me to take HCQ. I had gotten it weeks earlier from a friend who owns pharmacies in Mexico as it was taken off the shelves in USA and I read about its SUCCESSFUL use in South Korea early on. It worked amazing for me and over 120 of his patients in Paris. Among thousands of other doctors and dozens of countries that used it.

In the USA, as well as UK, it was forbidden to be proclaimed as a potential remedy. Removed from all pharmacies. 

If they had admitted it worked, the Emergency Use Authorization of rushed vaccines would have been illegal. If they had admitted it worked to prevent hospitalization 100's of thousands of lives would have been saved. (same is true for Ivermectin)

If I had posted this at any time on Twitter (pre X) I'd have been censored or lost my account.

Hydroxychloroquine is still, and has been, known to work well to prevent and treat Covid-19 in early stages, pre hospitalization. 

Mayo Clinic has HCQ approved for hospitalized patients (which is often too late) but hey... I'm not a doctor so this is not medical advice, rely on your doctors advice, this is just an Inconvenient Truth.


Unverified, but fascinating.

We’re waiting to learn about Kurt’s medical degree. (That's sarcasm. His self-written bio mentions none.) He goes on in a long thread but he lost me right at his 'who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?' routine. We have seen the website. We have saved the page in case it is stealth-edited. And we do know enough about medical regulation that it is unfathomable that they would say it can be used to treat the Wuhan Flu in some cases if it can't ever be used that way.

He literally linked to the Mayo Clinic website. Kimmy is quoting from his quote post of his own post, but if you go back to the first tweet he also quoted from the Mayo Clinic website: "Hydroxychloroquine may be used to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) in certain hospitalized patients." Kimmy's criticism is invalid.


And, for the record, we are not sure an actual conspiracy theory is necessary. Conspiracies, as you will recall, require agreement. A group of people sharing a bias, therefore, is not a conspiracy. Honestly, it seemed at the time that for a certain media elite anything Trump said was presumptively not only wrong but dangerous. We can understand why someone might think that Trump picked every word with care, but the correct response when you don’t trust someone at all is to be indifferent to what they say. But it looks like at least part of the rejection of the possibility that Hydroxychloroquine might work was inverse confirmation bias. "Trump said it, so it couldn't be true, so let's find some people who will tell us what we want to hear."

At the very least, this reminds us of the importance of being open minded about things.


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