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The Samuel Brinton saga continues


Regular readers know of Samuel Brinton, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, who has a history of luggage theft. You also might recall a while back how Twitchy told you about Asya Khamsin. Khamsin describes herself as a Tanzanian fashion designer based in Houston, Texas, and in two posts we told you how she presented strong evidence that Brinton stole her suitcase and was photographed in her one-of-a-kind clothing. If your memory is really good, you might remember that Brinton was arrested, again, and his home searched by the Montgomery County police in May. You might also remember that we speculated at the time that this might be related to Khamsin’s allegations. As we wrote at the time:


So, is [Khamsin’s allegations] what this new arrest is about? Or is there yet another person he allegedly stole from? We will let you know when we find out.

Well, a new shoe has dropped in that story:

From the article:

Police returned articles of clothing to a Tanzanian fashion designer they obtained while executing a search warrant of disgraced ex-Department of Energy (DOE) official Sam Brinton's home.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Police Department confirmed the clothes were returned to Asya Khamsin, who has alleged Brinton publicly wore clothing she designed, but which was in her bag she reported missing at Ronald Reagan National Airport years ago. In May, MWAA police officers executed a search warrant in connection with the case at Brinton's Maryland residence.

‘The MWAA Police Department can confirm we returned the victim’s property and police retained photos of the evidence for prosecution,’ MWAA spokesperson Crystal Nosal told Fox News Digital in a statement Tuesday. ‘The case is still under adjudication and we cannot release more detailed information.’

That slightly contradicts our previous coverage, because they are saying the MWAA did the search, not the Montgomery County police, and we are not sure how to reconcile it. Perhaps it was actually a joint operation? Speaking of hard-to-reconcile facts, we have seen Asya Khamsin called Asyakhamsin and Asia Khamsin. We are going with what Fox News and the New York post calls her, with apologies to Ms. Khamsin if we getting this wrong.


Still, while we will presume innocence for Mr. Brinton, the authorities and Khamsin are sure acting like he had stolen her clothing and Khamsin basically got it back. That won’t undo all of the damage—the thefts allegedly ruined a fashion show. But she’s probably glad to have it back.

In our last post on him, we semi-jokingly called him a ‘creepy weirdo we’d never want handling our nuclear waste or even sharp objects.’

Seems like affirmative action, to be honest. That’s not necessarily unconstitutional, but it does seem like a bad idea.

We understand that Fox News wanted to be clear this was a biological female, but the better approach is to ignore all this gender madness and call her a woman.


We are not sure if that is satire, or not.

Valid tip. 

We are unsure if chronologically that is the second time he allegedly did this, but this is the third case related to his alleged kleptomania.

And like last time, a few people felt he looked like Matt Damon:

That’s well done.


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