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Meet the cray-cray spokesperson for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force

Screencap from Sarah Ashton-Cirillo's Twitter/X account

We are about to meet Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, junior sergeant and spokesman for Ukrainian Territorial Defense Force (TDF) and, honestly, we don’t have to dig too deeply to see that this person is not well, mentally. Here’s a video where he talks about hunting down Russian propagandists:


Anytime someone talks about ‘Russian propagandists’ we get the sneaky feeling that they actually mean people who might merely disagree with them and point out inconvenient facts. Still, even if his cause is righteous—which is more dubious by the day—he seems nuts. Like if you ran into this person on the subway, you would back slowly away, get off at the next stop, and swear off public transportation for the near future.

Michael Knowles decided to put this person on blast, by posting a thread about him and … wow. If all of this is true, wow:


It makes us miss the fun of ‘Baghdad Bob,’ a.k.a. Muhammad Saeed Al-Sahhaf.

As bad as all that is, we are now getting word that a pro-Ukrainian site has put an American journalist, Jack Posobiec, on a hit list—although it is not clear that Mr. Ashton-Cirillo is involved in that.

That is a screenshot from an article at the Daily Caller that is linked here:

That article focuses on how Senator J.D. Vance had written a letter to Secretary of State requesting information on Mr. Ashton-Cirillo, asking the following question (according to Breitbart):

Is this individual employed by the Ukrainian military, and do we have reason to believe the are compensated using American resources?

Is this individual an American citizen? Did they ever serve, in any capacity, American intelligence services?

Do we have reason to believe Ukrainian forces or intelligence services are planning to commit acts of violence against those who engage in ‘Russian propaganda’?


Ashton-Cirillo responded with a post, which garnered a response from Vance:

This resulted in a further response:

Well, if someone this plainly sane and level headed says it is false, it must be false, right? (Note: sarcasm.)

Still, whoever might be threatening him, Posobiec seems unperturbed:

And we thought this reaction was interesting.

As we said, to be fair to Mr. Ashton-Cirillo, it is not 100% clear that even if Posobiec is on a hit list, that Ashton-Cirillo has anything to do with that decision, or even knows of it. Still, we need to determine if there is a hit list with Posobiec or any other American citizen on it, set up by Ukraine, and if there is one, that cannot be tolerated. And by ‘not tolerated’ we mean that in that scenario, taking Americans off any such hit lists should be an absolute condition before we provide Ukraine any further aid.


And Ukraine should strongly consider firing Mr. Ashton-Cirillo as a spokesperson. He is not a good advocate for their cause, mostly because he comes off as crazier than a bag of cats.


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