'Gross': Planned Parenthood honors black 'Dream Keepers'; Ebony editor beams

Margaret Sanger’s dream of exterminating “the Negro population”? February is Black History Month, and to that end, Planned Parenthood is honoring what it affectionately calls “Dream Keepers”: This #BlackHistoryMonth, we're honoring leaders making change in 2014—the #PPDreamKeepers: | — Planned Parenthood February 10, 2014 Gee, isn’t that swell? If we didn’t know...

#Roe40Chat: Hashtag hijack of sickening and racist Roe v. Wade celebrations

Indeed. But what’s 30 million icky baby girls, when it’s For A Cause? Horrifying. As Twitchy reported earlier, today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Margaret Sanger smiles. And morally bankrupt pro-abortionists celebrate. RT @keder: This is probably the most disturbing thing on the internet right now: "Celebrate" Roe vs. Wade. &mdash...

Sick moral bankruptcy: Racist Touré: ‘Girls, get your abortions now in case GOP wins’

MSNBC host and hack Touré let his vile show again this morning. He not only retweeted a disgusting tweet that said "Girls, get your abortions NOW in case the Republicans win," but he doubled down on the moral bankruptcy by adding "this" in front of his retweet. Twitter users were quick to react to this revolting remark.

Hillary Clinton touts abortion as population control at Rio+20 United Nations conference

Hillary Clinton spoke at the Rio+20 United Nations conference on sustainability in Brazil today. No sassy sunglasses nor Mardi Gras beads at this event. Instead, she touted the killing of the unborn as a cost-saving and resource-saving tool. Those pesky babies, draining all our resources!

House votes on sex-selective abortion bill; Obama and Left think gendercide is hunky-dory; Update: PRENDA fails to pass

The House votes today on the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act. This bill, known as PRENDA, would make gender-selective abortion illegal, protecting unborn females from the war on baby girls that is being waged upon them. The President also gave his repugnant opinion; he opposes the bill. You know, the same alleged man who told women that their daughters' dreams are predicated on the legal ability to kill their own children.