Voters keeping an eye on polling data in advance of Tuesday night’s primaries should keep in mind that those numbers don’t take into account Lena Dunham’s claim that she’ll move to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election in November.

Dunham has done some campaigning for Hillary Clinton, wearing designer-made “Hillary” dresses and telling horror stories about how Clinton has faced “horrific gendered attacks” and carried on her presidential campaign “against a set of odds that none of the other candidates can even imagine” (because they’re white men, duh).

Dunham might be colluding with Trump now, as The Hill reports she will move to Canada if Donald Trump wins the election.

Has Time’s 2015 Person of the Year learned her lesson and put a cap on the number of Trump refugees Germany will accept?

Don’t let Dunham’s television career fool you; she’s also been named one of Glamour’s women of the year, one of 2012’s “Brave Thinkers” by The Atlantic. Among her brave thoughts? Gentrification of New York City “will seriously fuck our shit up,” she told attendees of a campaign fundraiser.