It wasn’t long yesterday before a photo of a cake bearing the words “Love Wins Fag” went viral on social media, and it wasn’t much longer than that before Twitter sleuths called B.S. on the idea that a Whole Foods bakery employee in Austin, Texas had added the gay slur to a cake ordered by openly gay pastor Jordan Brown.

Again, Brown claimed this happened at a Whole Foods. In Austin. With a bakery employee the company says “is part of the LGBTQ community.”

Not only is Whole Foods denying Brown’s claim; the American Statesman reports today that the store has reviewed and released security footage that proves Brown removed the label and resealed the package. Not only that: Whole Foods intends to sue Brown for making fraudulent claims.

Brown had filed suit Monday, seeking damages and monetary relief for mental anguish, court costs and other expenses. We can’t deny we see plenty of mental anguish and court costs in his future.