Take for what it’s worth that Patrick Ruffini is firmly in the #NeverTrump camp, but a Trump Magazine post the Echelon Insights founder circulated Monday night by “conservative strategist” Gary Forbes of the Forbes Group calling for “extremely aggressive actions” to keep Colorado’s and Wyoming’s delegates from the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer sounds like something straight out of the far-Left’s playbook.

Block streets? Cancel their flights?

This tweet from last week claims that Gary Forbes isn’t really Gary Forbes at all.

In any case, a longer post on Forbes’ website also encourages Trump supporters to “discard the word peaceful” and “organize a protest of no less than 500 demonstrators to camp out in front of the homes of the at-risk delegates,” suggesting that they draw from groups like “bikers for Trump, truckers, local working class unions, etc. to show the anger and might of the American people.”

“We want each at-risk delegate, while in Cleveland, to receive urgent phone calls from their families and neighbors, that there is a massive demonstration happening in their front yard, with protesters waving signs that are warning that they not betray us,” the post continues. “Keep the demonstrations peaceful, as long as that delegate does not switch his/her vote.”

He doesn’t know Colorado and Wyoming women and men? On a lighter note, we’re pretty sure this Trump supporter (who has since deleted his tweet) doesn’t know any black neighbors either, but he gets a solid D- for effort.

We think we know them. Isn’t that “African American Family At Home” from 123 Shutterstock Lane?

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