Come on, pot fans! You’re really going to let a little snow that’s totally caused by man-made CO2 emissions that have warmed the planet from keeping you from your big 420 rally?

Apparently so:


The rally was supposed to take place on Saturday but has since been rescheduled to an as of yet announced date. From their website:

The Denver 420 Rally leadership team announced that today’s 420 Rally in Civic Center Park will be rescheduled due to weather and circumstances beyond its control. Civic Center Park will be closed to the public today. The new concert date and additional information will be released on in the near future.

The group had bragged on Friday that they wouldn’t have to cancel the event:

And it looks like the cost of the tickets just went up in smoke. No refunds will be offered, but according to organizers the tickets will be honored when the event gets a new date:

Pot vendors are angry, too:

If only there existed a leafy plant of some type that all these perturbed folks could consume to make their anger go away…