The Record-Journal, based in Meriden, Conn., reported Wednesday evening that the opening of a Donald Trump campaign office in the state was causing trepidation for the Connecticut Council on American–Islamic Relations, due to its location just three miles away from an area mosque.

CAIR National posted a link to the Record-Journal’s account.

Mary Ellen Godin spoke to Trump supporters, who say it’s just a coincidence that the candidate’s headquarters was opened less than three miles from the mosque for the Islamic Association of Greater Hartford, and to Mongi Dhaouadi, executive director of the Connecticut Council of American-Islamic Relations.

“Obviously we believe in free speech, and Mr. Trump has the right to organize anywhere,” Dhaouadi told Godin. “We are concerned though that they are a few miles away based on various things we’ve seen at rallies. We’ve seen violence and they are quite tense. We will continue to come to the mosque, and we will listen to everybody as long as the discourse is civil.”

In January, Rosa Hamid, president of the Muslim Women of the Carolinas, was escorted out of a Trump rally in South Carolina when she stood in protest of the candidate’s claim that some Syrian refugees were affiliated with ISIS. She later told reporters she had attended because “most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim.”