As we told you yesterday, conservatives were outraged over Hillary Clinton’s claim that “The state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in NY come from Vermont.”

At issue is Clinton’s weaselly use of the word “per capita” to maker her point about the sparsely-populated Vermont.

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker blog called out Clinton for using “a misleading data point” and gave the former Secretary of State’s claim “Three Pinocchios.”

An excerpt:

We wavered between Two and Three Pinocchios. Clinton has carefully crafted its talking point to find the particular government data that support her point, which gives a wildly different view than how trafficking flows are tracked. We do not find the per capita measure as a fair assessment of gun flows from Vermont into New York. The difference between this point using per capita calculation and the raw number (1 percent of crime guns with source states identified in 2014 came from Vermont) is so stark that it creates a significantly misleading impression to the public. Those factors tip to Three Pinocchios.



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