For the imagine if a Republican had said this file, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joked on Friday night at an event with Hillary Clinton that the reason he didn’t endorse her sooner was because he operates on “CP time,” which is short for “colored people time”:

Urban Dictionary defines “colored people time” as “a stereotyping of African Americans/Black People as not punctual/frequently or constantly being late.”

What is wrong with him?

The comments came at NYC’s annual Inner Circle Show where local political journalists gather to poke fun at politicians. De Blasio ever performed a rap song with the line, “I make Bernie Sanders look like Trump. I’m down with Sandinistas and The Donald’s a chump.”

Video here from Gothamist. The joke happens at the 8:55 mark and appears to have fallen flat with the audience. Hillary Clinton finishes the joke by saying “CP time” really means “cautious politician time.” Nice try at a save Hillary, but no: