Jillian Jorgensen, senior politics editor at the New York Observer, tweets that she was at a press conference hosted by Mayor Bill de Blasio when she observed “what amounted to a minor disturbance” — police escorting a homeless man away from the area. The subject of the press conference? Helping the homeless.

Jorgensen caught up with the man, Jerry Foust, who had taken one of the folding chairs that had been set up for reporters:

“I wanted to see the mayor talk about homelessness, because I’m homeless,” Mr. Foust said in an interview, as he smoked a cigarette on the edge of the park. “And I wanted to fuckin’ help homeless people. If I had the money, honey, no one would be homeless in this country.”

Foust wasn’t arrested but was led away from the event before it began, reportedly because he was carrying an open container.

The New York Times in January reported that the city council was considering a set of bills that “would reduce … the style of policing known as broken windows that has for two decades guided the Police Department to see minor disorder as a precursor to major crime.” Among the examples of minor disorders given were marijuana possession, littering, excessive noise, public urination, and public consumption of alcohol.

“The presence of Mr. Foust, who had been drinking, as well as several other homeless men in the park, offers a hint at how difficult it can be to reach people who often say they simply do not want to stay in shelters, or might be struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues,” writes Jorgensen, adding that “Mr. Foust said he simply didn’t like the neighborhood of the last shelter he was in.”

It looks like police didn’t care to have a homeless man with an open container in the neighborhood of the mayor, either.