What was a crazy day politically ended on a relatively sober note in Milwaukee as the three remaining GOP candidates took turns appearing at the #CNNTownHall, hosted by Anderson Cooper. Obviously the big draw for viewers was Donald Trump and how he would respond to the inevitable questions from Cooper regarding the battery charges filed against his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee was very anxious to gather valuable feedback on the town hall from Republican viewers. Well, not really. It was much more interested in having viewers click through to the NRSC’s website in order to harvest email addresses.

Let’s just say this isn’t what they call a scientific poll. Not only wasn’t it a debate; Ohio Gov. John Kasich hadn’t even taken the stage yet when this tweet was posted.

Sure, ask Kasich himself and he’ll tell you that he’s on the fast track to the White House, but others aren’t so sure.