You might not have seen on your calendar that today was #EpidemicTuesday. President Obama spoke in Atlanta this afternoon on his plan to fight the prescription opioid abuse and heroin epidemic, while candidate Hillary Clinton tackled the gun violence epidemic at a community meeting at the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church in Milwaukee.

Clinton, proudly touting her “F” rating from the NRA, has sensed the rare opportunity where she can run to the left of Bernie Sanders, who only managed a D-minus.

The audience at the event, which featured mothers whose children were killed by guns on stage alongside Clinton, was firmly behind her, dismissing “that other candidate.”

Finding herself in a house of worship, Clinton decided to augment her usual pandering with a biblical reference.

Although the event was billed as a “community forum on gun violence prevention,” Clinton has no doubt been paying attention to the wild cheers Sanders has elicited at his rallies by calling out racist cops and other “extremists who want to intimidate and terrorize black, brown and indigenous people in this country.”

On his campaign website, the very first name Sanders lists among those who “died unarmed at the hands of police officers or in police custody” is Sandra Bland. Clinton has managed to outdo Sanders, though, by convincing Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, to actively campaign for her.

It’s worth noting that though this was a forum on “gun violence prevention,” Bland was not shot; rather, after being jailed following a contentious traffic stop, she was found hanged in her cell. #BlackLivesMatter activists and others maintain that she was killed by police; investigators say that Bland hanged herself with a plastic bag.

Do both Democrat candidates subscribe to the first scenario? Will anyone ask?

Next on the to-do list following the “gun violence prevention” forum?