President Obama and his family continue to enjoy the best spring break ever tonight as guests at a state dinner in Argentina, where the president and his wife had the chance to demonstrate their tango skills. We’d assumed the “incredible” photo would surprise us all by showing them dancing together, but that will have to wait for another time … when the president isn’t so busy.

Incredible, right?

Photos and videos (and animated GIFs and Vines and probably some fan fiction, given time) of the incredible event are indeed making the rounds on social media. This is a big, um, deal, as Vice President Biden might say were he there.

What words are adequate to describe such beauty and elegance?

Wasn’t his number one priority climate change? No, wait, it was jobs. On second thought, it was ISIS after all. Wait until this video hits their computer screens and they get a taste of just whom they’re dealing with.

Is it so wrong for the president to cut loose a bit just because nearly three dozen people, including Americans, were killed in Brussels, Belgium in a coordinated terrorist attack? Not attending a baseball game with Raúl Castro and dancing the tango in Buenos Aires is exactly what the terrorists want.

When are they getting back from spring break, anyway? Bo and Sunny are making a mess of the lawn.


* * *


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