A Washington Post editor has accused GOP front-runner Donald Trump of hitting on her after Trump finished an interview with the paper’s editorial board.

Karen Attiah, who is a deputy digital editor for the Post, tweeted after the conclusion of the interview yesterday, “So. I got hit on today by Donald Trump.”

After making the accusation, Attiah told her followers that she was writing it up for a story:

According to Attiah, “hit on” was actually Trump (maybe) calling her “beautiful.” Or something:

Here’s here write-up of the incident:

As the meeting ended and we were walking out of the room, I thanked Trump for taking my question. He turned to me and said, “I really hope I answered your question,” and added casually with a smile, “Beautiful.” I was stunned. I didn’t say thank you, and I don’t think I smiled. He then walked out to meet with my Post colleagues briefly before heading to the elevator. I stayed in the conference room for a few minutes as it sunk in that the potential GOP nominee for president thought it was okay to comment on my appearance. Did he just say that?

Shots fired, to say the least.

Flashback. Remember when then Senator Obama called a reporter “sweetie”?

You can listen to Trump’s entire interview with the Washington Post here:



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