There has been no shortage of media contempt for Trump supporters. Name-calling, intimidation, and flat-out threats are a regularity now for anyone who might speak positively of The Donald.

But what’s really fascinating about the leftists who protest Trump rallies and attempt one of their infamous “shut downs” – they actually have the nerve to say that they are not acting hatefully or violently.

Watch this video from RebelPundit interviewing some of the protesters.

Around the 2:43 mark, one woman responds to some “F*** Trump” comments with “Yeah! That’s what I’m saying!”



Immediately after, she amazingly continues with, “I’m not here for like, hate.” The behavior of the rest of these goons is pretty predictable – screaming expletives, shouting down Trump supporters, and the like.

Most media outlets failed to report the extent of their debauchery. According to one Chicago police officer, the crowds overwhelmed the police and destroyed property in the area:



Instead, liberal media and leaders were outraged with Trump, and denounced violence that they laid at the feet of his supporters:



That’s rich, coming from Salon. When radicals rioted in Ferguson and Baltimore in response to the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, this was their headline:


Salon writer Simon Maloy had this to say about Trump’s “political violence” at his rallies: “That’s dangerous enough on its own, but the greater threat comes with any movement towards normalizing this sort of rhetoric and behavior.”

Political violence?

How about the bruised and bloodied police officers of Baltimore and Ferguson who tried to contain the riots in the streets? How about the millions of dollars of damage that protesters inflicted in those cities?


This about sums up the rank hypocrisy we’ve been seeing when it comes to Trump rallies:


Either rioting for political ends is acceptable, or it isn’t. It’s logically inconsistent to defend the violent protests of Ferguson and Baltimore and then attack Trump supporters when they respond in kind to the agitators at these rallies.

The simplest and best position to take is that rioting and violence against political opponents is wrong. It’s sad that so many can’t seem reach that basic and obvious conclusion.


Two parting insights:


Where is the lie?