Ohio Gov. John Kasich, basking in his first win after decisively winning his home state Tuesday, announced to his supporters in his victory speech, “I will become the president of the United States.” The number crunchers have their doubts — Kasich would have to sweep all remaining states, including the extra seven President Obama allegedly visited while he was running for the White House.

As Kasich was celebrating his only first-place finish, Marco Rubio was announcing the suspension of his campaign after losing his winner-take-all home state of Florida to Donald Trump. With Rubio out of the picture, Salena Zito of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that his supporters have dropped their effort to keep Kasich off of the ballot in Pennsylvania. It’s all smooth sailing from here.

Marco Rubio supporters had claimed that Kasich did not submit enough signatures to appear on the ballot in Pennsylvania. Rubio student operative Nathaniel Rome, who had initiated the Commonwealth Court filing challenging Kasich’s petitions, requested that the objection be withdrawn following Rubio’s decision to suspend his campaign.

Will Kasichmentum help the Ohio governor win Pennsylvania? It’s not out of the question.