After last night’s GOP debate on CNN, Donald Trump told reporters that Michelle Fields’ allegation that his campaign manager assaulted her at a campaign rally was a “made up” story.

Lewandowsky has now also issued a denial:

That doesn’t fit with a previous report:

Others can’t make Lewandowski’s claim add up either:

Update: Here are some different angles:


Regarding Lewandowski’s earlier admission that he had grabbed Fields after mistaking her for an “adversarial” reporter, ex-Breitbart spokesman Kurt Bardella — who has resigned — had this to say:

He also added that Corey Lewandowski had not, as had been previously reported, admitted to the assault. In a text message exchange with Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, Bardella said, Lewandowski only said he didn’t know Fields was a Breitbart reporter and would look into the situation.