So, this tweet bashing Marco Rubio from Donald Trump allegedly quoting from the Sun Sentinel in Florida caught our eye…

…Fact Check: TRUE!

Here’s what the Sun Sentinel editors wrote about Marco Rubio:

But a vote for Rubio should be more than a protest vote.

Rubio lacks the experience, work ethic and gravitas needed to be president. He has not earned your vote.

But before fans of Donald Trump get too excited, they wrote basically the same thing about Trump:

Here’s more:

Trump would shake up Washington, no question. He might even unite Republicans and Democrats against a common enemy — himself. But given his smug, erratic, often petulant demeanor, do you really trust him with the keys to our nuclear arsenal?

The presidency is serious business, not reality television. Trump may be entertaining, but he lacks the experience and temperament to be president. He does not deserve your vote.

FWIW, they refused to endorse anyone in the upcoming primary: