Donald Trump isn’t having the best night at the GOP caucuses, having lost Kansas to Ted Cruz by a large margin, and with early returns from Maine heading a similar direction. In any case, Trump’s focus today was on Florida, where both he and Marco Rubio held campaign rallies. It’s bad enough that the Ku Klux Klan, along with David Duke’s endorsement of Trump, dominated headlines in 2016. But when Trump asked supporters to raise their right hands and pledge to vote, the result was an image news photographers dream of.

Terrifying? Slate will be Slate, after all. Sure, it might be terrifying after Trump’s rivals drop out the audio and use a slow-motion, black-and-white version in TV ads, but “creepy” seemed to be the word of choice to describe what actually ensued.


Here’s video of the pledge, along with a transcript.

If you’re a liberal, it could be that everything short of a pile of handmade Bernie Sanders dolls tends to remind you of Hitler.

Here’s some free advice for Gov. John Kasich — you might want to learn not to wave like that with still cameras around (and a giant hand on your crotch as a bonus).