Even though Chris Christie skipped out on Jake Tapper this morning, he did sit down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos to answer questions on his endorsement of Donald Trump.

First up, Stephanopoulos asked Christie how he could endorse Trump for president when in the past he had slammed Trump’s plan to temporarily ban all Muslims to the U.S. He answered with elections are a “choice” and that there’s no way anyone can agree with a candidate 100% of the time:

He also suggested that Trump had softened his stance. Is there any evidence of that, however?

Flashback. Here’s the old Chris Christie:

Stephanopoulos also asked Christie how Trump would get Mexico to pay for his proposed border wall. In the past, Christie had mocked Trump over the wall. Now Christie is saying Trump will somehow get Mexico to pay for it because of “leadership,” although there were no specifics offered:

Flashback. Here’s the old Chris Christie:

As we told you earlier, Trump told Jake Tapper that whatever the old Chris Christie said, it was “just politics”:

And that makes it better now?

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline of this post that misspelled “Christie.”



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