Some conservatives have recently been suspended from Twitter without notice, while others have either deactivated their accounts or simply quit tweeting. Tonight, it looks as though conservative columnist A.J. Delgado has been suspended without explanation. (Editor’s note: see update below. She deactivated her account)

Adam Baldwin yesterday said goodbye to Twitter voluntarily, after clearing up the media’s narrative that censorship, not “alleged censorship,” drove him to look for greener pastures.

What’s disturbing is Twitter’s “abusive user” form, which includes among its transgressions “disagreement with my opinion.”

“Specific violent threats involving physical safety or well-being” makes sense, as it’s clear and specific. Then there’s “harassment,” described in the help text pop-up as “direct, specific threats of violence against others.”

Here’s the link again. If it’s fake, it’s a masterful fake.

Update 2/25/15: