Sen. Marco Rubio, third-place finisher in the Iowa caucuses, spent much of the first half of Saturday night’s #GOPDebate acting as a punching bag for Gov. Chris Christie, who criticized Rubio for answering every question with a rehearsed speech. Rubio came back strong, though, when the candidates were asked about abortion.

Lis Smith, who formerly worked for Obama for America and then as deputy campaign manager for Gov. Martin O’Malley, thought it was ridiculous to claim that even a single person believed that abortion should be legal at 9 months — protesters smearing themselves with fake blood and chaining themselves to balcony railings at the Texas State House to derail legislation that would prohibit abortions after 5 months.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton didn’t seem to want to place a legal limit on abortion “at any stage of pregnancy” either in her Sept. 21 appearance on Face the Nation:

[JOHN] DICKERSON: This week, the Senate is going to vote to impose a federal ban on late-term abortions. Do you support a federal limit on abortion at any stage of pregnancy?

CLINTON: This is one of those really painful questions that people raise. And, obviously, it’s really emotional.

I think that the kind of late-term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity. And, therefore, I would hate to see the government interfering with that decision. I think that, again, this gets back to whether you respect a woman’s right to choose or not. And I think that is what this whole argument once again is about.

Another expert legal opinion came from the editor-in-chief of Yahoo! Politics.

Men? They have the right to shut up.