Oops. He’s not “President Sanders” … at least not yet:

The blunder occurred during a town hall event in Minnesota on Wednesday while Chelsea was discussing Sanders’ vote for  “prosecutorial immunity to gun manufacturers.”

Chelsea’s flub comes at time when some are questioning if it’s time to start treating the former First Daughter as the political surrogate she’s become. Here’s Politico’s Jack Shafer:

Shafer writes:

But at some point—early adulthood—the general immunity from critical coverage needs to end. The threshold for newsworthiness recedes, and the children of presidents become more like the siblings, cousins, uncles and parents of presidents. In other words, if one of President Barack Obama’s daughters got busted for drunk driving, few would expect saturation coverage from the press. But, say, had Obama’s Boston aunt gotten arrested for drunk driving before she died in 2014, there would have been no reason for the press to turn a blind eye. Chelsea Clinton should be treated no more royally than the Nixon daughters, Susan Ford, Amy Carter, the Gore children, or the Bush and Reagan progeny.

Seems fair, right?

Not to Hillary surrogates, who think it’s just awful:

If she’s on the campaign trail, she’s fair game. Deal with it.




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