The Democrats have added yet another debate to their campaign schedule. As we wrote yesterday, the party agreed to four more debates, but apparently that wasn’t enough. This one will be a town hall version in New Hampshire and will be televised by CNN. It is set to take place next Wednesday, which is one day before another debate on MSNBC and less than a week before New Hampshire voters go to the polls.

The DNC sure has changed its tone of late. Can anyone say desperate?

It’s amazing how the worse things look for Hillary Clinton, the more Democratic debates seem to arise out of nowhere. The same DNC that held them off for so long is now scheduling them for successive days during the week.

Now that Bernie has called Hillary’s email scandal a “very serious issue”, he’s sure to use it to attack her, right? We’ll see.


‘3 a.m. on local cable access’? Democrat candidates agree to more debates