Feel the Bern-mentum:

Spot the irony?

That certainly wouldn’t be the first time people have taken to their smart phones in the effort to resist capitalism.

  • rodlang

    Are you a student? Share your A grades with some poor soul that got a D. You see, socialism in education means good grades for all and everyone graduates! Now if that poor soul was getting drunk every weekend while you stayed sober and studied, well those are the bad brakes for you, I guess.

    • JPT

      That’s not just a very poor analogy, it’s intentionally spurious. You may be just following a talking points algorithm but you are are participating in deception.

      To be helpful: Brakes are what slows a car.

      • rodlang

        It is an excellent analogy but I don’t blame you for not sharing your hard earned grades with me while I enjoyed the party life and slept through the morning classes.
        If socialism is good for the economy and the people, why isn’t it good for the academic environment.

        • JPT

          I’m not going to insult your intelligence by pretending that you actually believe what you just said.

          • rodlang

            You insist that I share my hard earned money with you but you refuse to share your hard earned grades with me. If you share your grades, it will increase the self-esteem of other students and they will have a chance in life. Be generous.

  • Jar Jar Trumps

    Socialism is so cool Broh, I wonder why no one has ever like tried it before?

  • rick

    There are no living socialists-anyone who means it would quickly starve to death PRACTICING WHAT THEY PREACH!
    The word is not”irony”it’s”hypocrisy”.

  • tripper

    Hahaaaa was in the military no less and still believes he didn’t get a dime from the gov’t! You’re extra delusional. How do you like the military discounts we provide you?

    I got accepted at Columbia and I attend Emerson College with a scholarship, doofus. Your fixation on education tells me you feel dumb. Anyone can tell you’re trying really hard to sound smart and then you conclude with redneck logic.

    As long as you don’t actually vote, we’ll be alright, which I know you won’t. You can cultivate your backwater opinions right here with your friends and bond over sticking it the gubment while you live off of it.

    For anyone else who’s not here to parrot corporate talking points because you feel lonely, here’s some food for thought:

    • Crakalakin

      Good for you, now use the opportunity to educate yourself and actually learn something instead of pretending you already know everything. Your ignorance regarding the most basic aspects of adult life is astounding.

      You give military discounts? Did your pimp authorize that are you just that eager to please?

  • Name

    Or Cuba, or N Korea, or most of the former USSR. China also is up there but their brand of socialism is a whole nuther ball game

  • J-

    I have a severe problem with your morality. Why should I pay 50% my income just because I make more? If we are all equal under the law we should pay the same rate regardless of income or how money is made (e.g. investment vs salary). You saying I should pay 50% to your 15% because i can afford it is you masking your envy as altruism. I reject that notion. I’ll pay twice the average rate if I get two votes on election day. But I won’t have someone else dictate how much of my money I get to keep because they have decided how much money a person should have.

  • Whoare”they”?✓Deplorable

    I wouldn’t suggest trying to drink someone else’s beer. At least not the people I know LOL

  • VanceJ

    LoL, Millennials think they will get free stuff, Ya, you’ll get the shaft, that’s the only free stuff you will get.

  • stormykitteh

    Amazing what gets removed these days. My comment below on thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/267331-analysis-sanders-tax-plan-would-raise-trillions-cost-jobs got disappeared.
    “Since I have closed shop and retired at fifty (prompted by the Obama
    care deluge of regulations and decreased reimbursement), my goal is to
    have as little taxable income at the lowest rates I can legally wrangle.
    From here on in. We’ll see if Saunders hooks up with Raintax O’Malley
    to figure a way to tax the air we breathe.”
    Now whose panties got in a wad over that? Of course the trollettes who tried to advance I am “taking advantage” of others (by not working to serve them LOL). More small business people will be sidelining productivity as taxes and regulations increase. Better know how to grow a bean in coming years. Those who know how to grow a bean better be guarding their Second Amendment Rights.

  • bxarmybrat

    Obama admitted to being a ‘bogarter’.

  • bxarmybrat

    The battle of the boroughs, Queens vs. Kings(Brooklyn).

  • AZWarrior

    Yes, that is exactly why the Soviet Union is so successful … uh, wait a second, didn’t they collapse? Oh well, I guess Venezuela should be the example of the great worker’s paradise … uh just a moment, they suffered runaway inflation and empty stores and replaced their Socialists with a conservative government. OK, I am sure that we can do the socialist thing right even though it has be an abject failure for 150 years. We just have to really really care real hard.

    • JPT

      So, if citing countries where socialistic policies were misused, is proof of something, what is indicated by NOT citing countries where socialistic policies are successful?

  • AZWarrior

    My friend, by now it is obvious you are engaged in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.