Point, laugh … and facepalm:

Writer Chauncey DeVega concludes:

The Fox Business Channel presidential primary debate was a reminder of how the Republican Party and the right-wing news entertainment media complex have spent more than eight years trying to find new ways to call Barack Obama—and by extension black Americans en masse—a “nigger” without actually using the slur. During Obama’s last months in office it would be more efficient, as well as refreshing, if the Republican Party and its elites dropped any pretense of respectable behavior and simply told the world what they really feel about the United States’ first black president.

That’s great, Chauncey. Here’s the thing, though:


Well, evidence is for suckers, anyway. What matters are feelings. And Salon has plenty of those.

Very strong.

Yep. He seriously did.

We’ve got some words for DeVega and Salon: Hacks. Liars. Dirtbags.



Salon’s Chauncey DeVega: ‘Sick man’ Ben Carson is a ‘black face GOP political minstrel’