Bernie Sanders was first up at Monday night’s #DemTownHall, and considering that Joan Walsh admits to finding it “jarring” to hear a Democratic politician rely on the generic male pronoun “he,” the entire event must have been a bumpy ride. The truth is, there are plenty of gender-neutral pronouns out there, but no one seems to have decided which set to use. The xe family seems to have the largest following in the United States, and we’d be thrilled for Democratic politicians to start using it their speeches.


Old white person. (Vox announced last year that the sexist word “guy” had to go.)

It’s cool for now; education through punishment is coming.

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College election marred by gender-based microaggression; Student referred to as ‘Ms.’ rather than ‘Mx.’

  • TexSizzle

    She wouldn’t like “humankind” because of letters 3-5. Substitute “person”, and then substitute “child” for the *obviously* sexist reference to a *male* child in letters 4-6 pf that word, and offer “huperchildkind” as the generic term therefor. /s

  • TexSizzle

    I would point out that if she wants to divide it, she should split it into “hi story” or “his tory”, because it only contains *one* “s”, and that in French, “histoire” means “story” or “history”, depending on usage, so she should blame the Norman invasion of England in 1066 for the word.

  • TexSizzle

    I refer to the dog in my avatar as “she”, “her”, etc. When I take her for a walk, people frequently ask, “Is he friendly?”

    • Michael T

      Fair point.

      But I still think it would have been helpful for Twitchy to have added the ‘controversial’ quote for context.

      Oh well. None of us are perfect. (Although Donald Trump may disagree.)