Last night on Twitter, Mother Jones engagement editor Ben Dreyfuss — son of Hollywood legend Richard Dreyfuss — had some harsh words for Vox and an article they published on how “extreme wealth is overrated.”

But then he might have stepped over the line:

Dreyfuss did admit he was “mean”:

The author of the Vox hot take, David Heinemeier Hansson, then asked why Mother Jones “accepts” such language from its editors:

We’d chalk this up to one, gigantic “meh” if not for last week’s news that Twitter unverified Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos — @Nero — for an unspecified violation of Twitter’s terms of service. Yiannopoulos said at the time that it was because of his conservative politics and he wrote last night that the liberal Dreyfuss “will never be censured by @twitter, because he has the right politics.”

Yiannopoulos has a point. We don’t believe Dreyfuss actually wanted Vox’s Hansson to blow his head off, but it will be interesting to see if Twitter punishes Dreyfuss in any way for his over-the-top rhetoric (not that they should or that they should have taken away @Nero’s blue check mark):



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