You can’t tell him what to do — he’s president. But just how serious is the situation with Iran tonight? Reports say that 10 sailors, including nine men and one woman, aren’t likely to be released until tomorrow, if then. That’s good news for the president, who has a big speech to deliver tonight and really doesn’t need any more distractions. Don’t expect any last-minute rewrites to reflect this afternoon’s developments either.

Don’t expect any photos tomorrow of the president and his closest aides gathered around a TV monitor.

If you would like to see what the president is up to “live,” you can check out his pre-SOTU speech Facebook video, in which he shares a few personal thoughts before the big event. Don’t blame us if the frame capture looks like he’s rehearsing his speech in front of the old Choom Gang.

Someone get the man one of those “Chillary” drink koozies for goodness sake.