There’s a good chance you missed tonight’s Iowa Black and Brown Forum featuring the three Democrat candidates for president, as the forum, which focuses on issues affecting minority communities, aired on Fusion, which is still fighting for a place on many cable providers’ channel lineups.

Finding a photo of the contenders in tomorrow’s paper might be a challenge as well.

Is there a need for a forum specifically geared toward minority issues? Like what?

The forum was hosted by broadcaster and immigration activist Jorge Ramos, a well-known figure to viewers of Univision and Fusion who became well known for being escorted out of an early Donald Trump campaign event. Hillary Clinton even had the presence of mind to treat Trump as He Who Shall Not Be Named.

If we had to pick a standout from the forum, it would be Bernie Sanders, who kicked off the one-at-a-time forum and continually reminded the audience that he was the only socialist running for office.

Time for a Democratic Socialist to take on the billionaire class?

If you’re going to stick it to the rich, you have to know how much is “rich,” correct?

But if he’s elected, won’t Sanders be moving into an extravagant mansion paid for by the taxpayers?

What does that mean, exactly? Do we want to find out?

Sanders also had the advantage of calling for a demilitarization of police departments, a standard demand of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, whereas former mayor of Baltimore Martin O’Malley, home of the Freddie Gray riots, had to pass the buck.

Sanders wrapped things up by nearly falling off the stage, but it looks like he’ll survive both the forum and the tumble.

Oh, and a much different Hillary Clinton was there than the one who grudgingly agreed to meet with a handful of #BlackLivesMatter representatives for 15 minutes, serving up plenty of cheery non-answers like this one:

Let’s exercise our Twitter privilege and vote!