As Mark Knoller observes, the network newscasts all kicked off tonight with coverage of the president’s executive actions on guns, with a particular focus on President Obama tearing up while speaking of the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

There’s been quite a bit of reflection on the president’s tears; it didn’t take long for the Washington Post to publish a piece on “Why men should cry more in public.” President Obama also welled up watching Aretha Franklin perform, so he’s doing his part.

On the flip side, John Podhoretz penned a piece for Commentary called “Comedians in Cars Getting Teary,” noting that President Obama is a particularly skilled performer who “can do comedy and drama. His future in Hollywood is limitless.” The White House’s Jesse Lee was there to scold him.

Who wasn’t in the room today? Anyone who has used a personal firearm to defend him or herself against an attacker. Also absent were families of those for whom the president never shed a tear, nor reached out to in their time of grief.

Kate Steinle’s brother Brad confirmed to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly that the administration never contacted the family. He did, however, personally call NBA center Jason Collins when he came out as gay to praise his bravery.

He was probably too singularly focused on tracking down the anti-Muslim filmmaker responsible for their deaths to cry for the Benghazi victims.