When the president returns from his vacation in Hawaii next month, there’s a chance he’ll announce a set of executive actions to reduce gun violence, CBS News reports. White House spokesperson Eric Schultz said that President Obama “has not yet been presented with recommendations from his legal team, but that is expected shortly” — meaning it could happen next week or months from now.

CBS reports that one primary proposal would make it easier to prosecute offenders but “would not eliminate the so-called ‘gun show loophole'”:

One proposal under consideration: make a clear distinction between gun collectors and gun sellers. Under current law, background checks are required for anyone buying a firearm from someone “engaged in the business” of selling guns (like a federally-permitted gun store or dealer). Sales made out of a person’s private collection, many of which are done online, are not subject to background checks.


Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has its own recommendations that it will present for the president’s consideration, but there’s no mention of any “beer summit” with the people who know the gun laws better than anyone.