While footage of many #BlackLivesMatter protests shows plenty of white “allies” horning in on the action, you might remember when #BlackLivesMatter leaders in Boston drafted a list of guidelines for those allies. For example, whites were directed to “stay off the megaphone,” “follow the direction of black leadership,” and stick to carrying appropriate signs, such as those challenging white supremacy. Also, as the Boston march ran up against a line of police, the command “White allies to the front!” was given.

We knew they existed, but up until this week we hadn’t really heard Planned Parenthood acknowledge its “male allies.” These men might want to assist, but Planned Parenthood acknowledges that they still need to “unlearn” sexism to truly help. Fortunately, Planned Parenthood recently released a cartoon to help male allies check their privilege to clear the way to becoming true male feminists.

Look at that poor guy with the goatee who’s afraid to confront sexism when he’s chillin’ with his homies and yet stands in solidarity with his sisters at the social justice reading circle. We’ve been there, man. Sending virtual hugs.

No, it’s hilarious.