As Twitchy reported, Washington Post editorial cartoonist Ann Telnaes proudly touted her depiction of Ted Cruz’s two young daughters as his trained monkeys. Cruz rightly took Telnaes to task over it.

But here’s how Politico’s framing the story:

“Lashes out”?

That makes Cruz look like the bad guy. Not only that, but Telnaes isn’t just guilty of “drawing his daughters”; she drew them as trained monkeys and called them “political props.”

See for yourselves:

The Texas senator was responding to a cartoon from Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes that said “Ted Cruz uses his kids as political props.” The cartoon portrayed Cruz in a Santa outfit and cowboy boots cranking a box to make two Christmas-clad monkeys dance.

Those “Christmas-clad monkeys” are meant to depict his daughters, Politico. Quit with the mental gymnastics and tell the damn truth!



Good for him! Ted Cruz shames WaPo cartoonist for cruel attack on his daughters