Marco Rubio opposes same-sex marriage. And he says for that, he’s been called a bigot.

Which sounds about right to the Huffington Post:


On Sunday, the Republican presidential hopeful, 44, told “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson that he’s fed up with being “called a bigot” for holding “traditional values” when it comes to marriage.

“Increasingly, Americans feel out of place, because it seems like the people who have access to power and influence win, and everybody else is left on the outside looking in,” Rubio said. “People that hold traditional values are often described as bigots and haters.”

Arguing that President Barack Obama has said that “people that don’t support same-sex marriage are wrong,” Rubio then added, “I have been called a bigot for not supporting [same-sex marriage].”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is only too happy to lend her voice to the shrill, self-righteous chorus:

Last time we checked, Marco Rubio’s not the one condemning “GOP rhetoric” in order to avoid offending terrorists who actually hate gays and have no qualms about murdering them.

So, with all due respect, Debbie, give it a rest already.