CBS college basketball analyst and radio host Doug Gottlieb tried to give his followers some lessons in gun rights and firearm “safety” last night. Gottlieb also tried to offer a lecture about constitutional rights that went so bad he deleted it.

First, a few lessons about guns in a string of tweets that started after it was reported that one person was killed and many more injured after a driver swerved into a crowd of pedestrians on the Las Vegas strip:

Gun clinic is now in session:

Would the following win a Piers Morgan endorsement? We think so:

But heads hit desks everywhere after Gottlieb dropped this bit of constitutional knowledge:

Why Gottlieb might have thought that tweet was worthy of deletion while others weren’t is anybody’s guess:

Maybe just log off the Twitters and go watch ESPN:

Just a little.



CBS basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb deletes tweet on Kobe Bryant and the #ICantBreathe T-shirt