One thing we’ve already learned about Oberlin College today is that the cafeteria has been serving “culturally disrespectful” food, with many of the school’s Asian students in particular reportedly unhappy with the campus dining service’s “culturally appropriative” offerings.

As if that weren’t enough of a hurdle for hungry college scholars, this week, The Daily Caller noted that students at Oberlin have demands that surpass the insistence that ciabatta bread not be used as a substitute for a crispy baguette in Vietnamese dishes. Those 50 or so demands fill 14 pages and accuse Oberlin College of being “an unethical institution.”

We thought we’d heard everything until we’d learned that students at Brown University, in drafting their own list of demands for the school, considered themselves “uncompensated labor” in providing “diversity consultation” and planned to present their demands to the school president along with an invoice for their time and labor.

Oberlin students are following suit, demanding an $8.20 an hour stipend for leaders of black student protests. In between protests, black students can relax in the “special, segregated black-only ‘safe-spaces’ across campus.”

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