On this morning’s “State of the Union” on CNN, Republican front-runner Donald Trump told Jake Tapper that he generally supports affirmative action and was disappointed with comments Justice Antonin Scalia made during oral arguments in a case the Supreme Court heard this week regarding affirmative action standards at the University of Texas:

Trump’s position, however, goes against what most conservatives think. We a) don’t like affirmative action and b) feel the attacks on Justice Scalia from the left have been unfounded:

We’re eager to see how the awful New York Daily News handles Trump’s attack on Scalia as the paper called Scalia a racist the other day:


So now the New York Daily News is a fan of Trump’s?

And just to further confuse things, at a townhall in South Carolina on Saturday, Trump named Scalia as one of his favorite justices:

Scalia is terrific, but not when he’s upholding conservative principles? This needs a little more discussion, please.


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