It was just a “hobby,” he said:

From CNN (emphasis ours):

Enrique Marquez, a former neighbor of Farook, told investigators he and his friend previously built pipe bombs, law enforcement officials said.

Marquez said he had nothing to do with devices found at the home of Farook and Malik, or the ones that apparently failed to go off at the site of the shooting, the officials said.

Marquez, who has spent several days being voluntarily interviewed by the FBI, portrayed the two men as hobbyists experimenting with building the devices, the officials told CNN.

He also boasted, one official said, that if he had made the bombs they would have gone off.

So not only did Marquez buy the rifles Farook and Malik used, he helped him become a bomb-maker?

Luckily none of the pipe bombs built by the “hobbyists” went off:

Exit question:



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