Heightened security in the U.K. is allegedly keeping a Middle East reporter for the Guardian newspaper from traveling to London to attend a graduation ceremony.

Kareem Shaheen, based in Lebanon, tweeted yesterday:

Shaheen said his visa was rejected because he couldn’t prove he wasn’t an “overstay” risk:

The U.K. is now reassessing Shaheen’s request:

What’s ironic is that thousands have called on the government to ban Donald Trump from traveling to Britain over Trump’s plan for a temporary Muslim ban in the U.S.

Do these Brits get that their own government is doing exactly what Trump suggested?

And Trump is in a war of words with the U.K. over his recent suggestion that Muslim sections of London were off limits to British cops:

With the British embassy in the U.S. telling Trump he’s welcome to a briefing on the situation in London whenever he wants it:

If Trump attends this briefing, maybe he can find out if London is supposedly so safe, why do the Brits think newspaper reporters are a terror threat.



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