You might have heard by now that Donald Trump, at a rally Monday night, called for a ban on Muslim immigration. That, of course, is the story that’s literally been heard around the world. There was more to the rally, such as the part where Trump called out a reporter at the back of the room and his supporters turned on her in a rage — at least that’s how the Daily Beast is reporting it.

Surprising no one, Trump defiantly kicked off his rally by calling most of the media “scum.” Then, according to The Daily Beast, “the GOP frontrunner turned his fury on NBC News’s Katy Tur—and got his South Carolina rally in on the act.”

That’s Katy Tur, the young female reporter who was called out from the stage by Trump for an earlier report that Black Lives Matter protesters had forced Trump to cut his speech short and leave the stage. The Gateway Pundit has provided a transcript of Trump’s remarks:

I had one the other day where I finished a speech and they said, “Oh, Trump was interrupted and he left early.” Like, uh, I spoke for forty-five, fifty minutes. I then answered question, questions. And then I went around to –you know, everybody knew it was false.

Amazingly there’s a media group that calls the media. And the next day they did the most beautiful story about what a lie it was from NBC.

She’s back there–little Katy–she’s back there. What a lie it was, no, what a lie, Katy Tur, what a lie it was from NBC to have written that, it was a total lie.

Tur didn’t tweet about the crowd turning on her in a rage before continuing her coverage of the rally, saying only:

Why mention in their coverage that she’s 32 years old?

No crying from Tur. For the record, The Daily Beast reports that “Tur and NBC News didn’t respond to a request for comment, and aside from her brief tweet, Tur ignored the incident during her live standups for MSNBC from the rally.”

Tweets from some journalists suggested the threat to Tur’s safety was overplayed.

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