Today is probably not the best day to attract publicity to or sympathy for your cause, but students of color at Brown University are holding a #DayOfReclamation Thursday, occupying university buildings to draft their demands for the institution.

(For those unfamiliar with the current college climate, a #PWI is a predominantly white institution; POC are people of color.)

#BrownTogether are neither happy that a two-week window for collecting feedback on the school’s “illegitimate and insufficient” Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan is closing, nor that they’ve been treated as uncompensated labor in providing “diversity consultation.” Therefore, they planned to present the university’s president, Christina Paxson (aka CPax), with their demands and an invoice for their time and labor.

This alumna tweeted her support for the #BrownTogether group:

A student commenting on the anti-semitism in the document on the “Day of Reclamation” event page on Facebook was reminded: “Please, white people, do not comment or edit this document, or make your own demands of students of color. This is not our space and we are not entitled to inclusion or explanations.”

It wasn’t one of the group’s demands, but many suggest they’d appreciate not being used as props by certain white liberals running for president.

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