Bombshell? A video was posted last night by Yesenia Alvarez, a local Chicago TV/Radio host, that shows a Chicago Police Officer saying Mayor Rahm Emanuel is involved in a cover-up of the officer-involved shooting death of Laquan McDonald last year.

The unidentified officer is asked, “He covered it up, right?” and responds with “Rahm Emanuel did.” He’s asked a second time and nods affirmatively, and then says, “Read John Kass.” Kass is a columnist for the Chicago Tribune who’s been after Emanuel and his cronies for years. Here’s the video:

Kass has a new column out today titled, “Mayor Emanuel severs top cop’s head to save his own” that insinuates that Emanuel kept the dashcam video showing McDonald shot 16 times by now indicted Officer Jason Van Dyke secret in order to enhance his chances in the mayoral election.

An excerpt:

If he had released that video before this year’s election, he would not have won a second term.

If the public had seen Officer Jason Van Dyke pumping 16 shots into McDonald, most of them while the 17-year-old was on the ground, here’s what would have happened.

Chicago’s black political and religious leaders on the South and West sides would have been unable to campaign for the mayor. A white cop shooting a black teenager? They’d have abandoned him.

And without black votes, Rahm Emanuel might be having lunch with Axelrod and Patrick, but not at City Hall.

And Kass has the unidentified officer’s back should anything happen to him:

Kass also went after Emanuel for bringing in former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to sit on the “blue-ribbon task force” looking into the shooting:

Yes, he threw McCarthy’s head but not before announcing a blue-ribbon task force to study police violence with former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a former political client of Rahm’s #bff David Axelrod, the political strategist with friends in the media, as senior adviser.

And if there’s one thing Chicago needs, it’s yet another blue-ribbon task force led by a guy from Boston who knows Axelrod.

Stay tuned and grab the popcorn.


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