As Twitchy told you, there has been a shooting at a San Bernardino center for the developmentally disabled. Details are still emerging, but MSNBC, for one, is making sure that the public is aware of what’s really important:

Thanks for checking on that, MSNBC. Way to stay on top of this story.

There you go.

Nothing at all. But that doesn’t matter to MSNBC.

Oh, for sure. Who cares about actual victims when you can manufacture victims in Planned Parenthood?

For the record, HuffPo’s Jennifer Bendery, who tweeted about MSNBC saying Planned Parenthood was OK, doesn’t like how some people are reacting:

With all due respect, Jennifer, maybe you’re the one who needs to stop. It wasn’t “Twitter commenters” who brought Planned Parenthood into the shooting; it was MSNBC. And you:

Maybe give it a rest for a while, huh?



Twisted: More media bend over backwards to make San Bernardino shooting about Planned Parenthood

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