Those who miss the days when Netflix had a variety of movies to stream have a couple of alternatives available tonight. As Twitchy reported, the University of Missouri College Republicans are hosting conservative Ben Shapiro in the home of the media-free space space and imaginary Klan rallies. And at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, students are holding a town hall on race and inclusivity.

Streaming video shows that the town hall, facilitated by Clarence Page, was packed.

What is this, a Bernie Sanders campaign rally? A group of students with a “UNC stands with Mizzou” banner seems to have taken over the town hall and are holding the audience hostage while they read their demands.

What happened to the Pulitzer Prize winning facilitator?

Note that it’s the “abridged version” — the full version printed out would likely be too heavy to carry.

Isn’t that Professor Smith?

Did any of these students read the school’s brochure before applying for admission? It would seem if there’s that much wrong with UNC, there must be a better fit somewhere.

It sounds like they’ve already taken plenty of your classes and are putting your lessons into practice.

Sounds like a successful event.

Where’s the after party? Right outside!